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Presidency Service Charter



  • Outlines the values we uphold in delivering our services;
  • Outlines the services the Office provides;
  • Sets the service standards you can expect from the Office; and
  • Reflects our commitment and promise to deliver services of high standards.


In delivering services, the office upholds the following values:

  •  Accountability- We own up to our actions as Public Servants.
  • Teamwork/Harambee-We learn from each other and collaborate within the Departments/Divisions and across the institution to meet our mission and the needs of our customers.
  • Integrity- We conducts business with honesty, trust and fairness. 
  • Excellence- We aim to surpass ordinary standards of performance.
  • Confidentiality- We maintains commensurate levels of confidentiality in respect of sensitive information within the course of our work.




We provide efficient; professional; technical; administrative; executive and advisory support services to the President through:

  1. Conducting research and analysing existing and new policies;
  2. Preparation of Briefing Notes and Executive Summaries and Reports;
  3. Process Correspondences, Draft Statements and Documents Engagements;
  4. Provision of logistical; transport; ceremonial and household services; and;
  5. Implementation of programmes to integrate Persons with Disabilities, Marginalized Communities and Veterans into the mainstream economy.


OUR PROMISE                  

  1. We strive to proactively provide efficient executive policy services to the President;
  2. We respond to your correspondence within 3 working days after we receive your communication; and;
  3. We commit to continuously monitor and review our service promise to ensure consistent customer satisfaction.


If you visit us, we will attend to you within 5-10 minutes. If you call, we will promptly respond and attend to your request/concern.




  • To continuously strive to improve our standards.
  • To consider your views when setting our standards.
  • Live up to the promise to provide timeous and quality service to our customers.
  • To attend to you within the appointment time during official working hours 08h00-13h00 to 14h00-17h00 from Monday to Friday.


If you phone us:

  • Our staff will identify themselves by name and section.
  • Our response will be clear and easy to understand.
  • Where we cannot attend to your query immediately, we will inform you when to expect a full response.


If you write to us:

  • We will reply to your correspondence within 3 working days after receipt of your communication.
  • If we cannot answer all queries within that time, we will inform you in writing and/or by telephone when to expect a full response.



  • Give us your comments and suggestion in order to improve our service.
  • Be honest and sincere when you submit your enquiries.
  • Be patient, punctual and understanding.


When you communicate with us, please provide the following information:  

  • Your full name, Postal Address, telephone, fax number and/or e-mail address.
  •  A clear description of your query or concern.


If you have any suggestions to make, want more information, not satisfied with the standard of service we render or want to comment about anything we have mentioned in this Charter, please contact us via the following means:


Permanent Secretary

Tel: 061-2707111/7822

Fax: 061-221780


Or write to us here 




Coat of Arm


1 Engelberg Street, Auasblick

Private Bag 13339, Windhoek

Tel: 264 (61) 270 7111

Fax: 264 (61) 271 770





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