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State House Visits

All Namibian citizens can book a tour and visit the state house. The forms part of the program that allows our citizens visit and get to know the State House.



  • Application requests should be made 45 days in advance for security clearance.

  • A tour is limited to a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 30 people (schools are exempted).

  • Tours are conducted two days a week.

  • Visiting times are between 14H15 to 16H15 (including a security check).

  • Security, Housekeeping and Media Liaison staff are part of the tour (and the photographer when available).

  • Visitors’ cards will be given to visitors at the 1st gate, and collected at the end of the visit.


  • Public should wait until they are notified of the approval of their application.

  • All visitors will undergo security check at the main gate (go through the system).

  • Security has the right of admission to prohibit any suspicious personal items from being brought in.

  • Trollers and wheelchairs are permitted.

  • The dressing must be smart or formal (Please note that Jeans are not allowed).

  • Learners should be dressed in their school uniform.

Prohibited Items

  • Cameras, Cellphones, Any sharp objects, Aerosol containers, Guns, Ammunitions, Fireworks


Public viewing areas

  • Ground floor, State visit ceremonial area, Reception area, Drop off area


First floor

  • The state banquet, Entertainment area, View paintings


Second floor

  • Cabinet chambers, Boardroom(s), Tete a tete room, Press conference area


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