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His Excellecny Nangolo Mbumba



(a)     Serve at the pleasure of the President;

(b)     Deputies, assist and advise the President, in the performance of his or her duties as may be required by the President, to whom he or she shall be accountable;



To render policy, advisory, administrative and political support to the President for effective governance.



  • The functions of the Vice President according to the Constitution of the Republic of Namibia (Article 28-c-) include deputizing, assisting and advising the President in the performance of his/her duties as may be required by the President.
  • Such support and administrative services can be sub-categorized into four (4) areas:

Executive functions: Direct rendering of assistance to the President to ensure that the Constitution of the country is upheld at all times. This is done by acting in the stead of the President when so assigned and also by chairing assigned Cabinet meetings or specialised Cabinet Committee meetings and any other such assigned temporary portfolios.

Ceremonial or representational functions: Involve meeting and exchanging views with various foreign and local dignitaries in and outside Namibia to promote or initiate consensus in line with the President’s vision of strengthening Namibia’s democracy, image and unitary character; social harmony and cohesion; economic well-being and political peace and stability.

Advisory functions: For the purposes of formulation of policies and implementation of government programs and projects, consult, communicate and network with various stakeholders from Government, social sector, private sector and labour unions and accordingly advise the President.

Administrative functions: The Vice President discharges high-level policy and administrative oversight in terms of directing and guiding the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, Ministers and other officials as assigned periodically by the President. The Vice President through the Minister of Presidential Affairs is also responsible for the administrative and policy guidance of the Office of Veterans Affairs, Disability Affairs and Marginalized Communities (OVADAMC).



Nangolo Mbumba (born 15 August 1941) is the current Vice President of Namibia. Mbumba has headed a number of Namibian Ministries: Agriculture, Water and Rural Development (1993-1996), Finance (1996-2003), Information and Broadcasting (2003-2005) Education (2005–2010), and Safety and Security (2010-2012). In 2012 he became the Secretary-General of SWAPO serving until 2017.

Born in Olukonda, Oshikoto, Mbumba graduated from Southern Connecticut State University in the United States with a BSc in 1971. Two years later in 1973, he graduated from the University of Connecticut with an MSc in biology.



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