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The Executive Director

Amb. Claudia Grace Uushona

Office of the President


The Executive Director

To advise and assist the President on administrative matters and to facilitate and support overall operations of the Office of the President.



The Executive Director is responsible for efficiency and effectiveness of the Office of the President, through implementation of existing mechanisms for accounting and management of State assets and human resources, in terms of Treasury Instructions BB0101.



An Internal Auditor who reports directly to the Accounting Officer heads the Sub-division.



To provide assurance to the Accounting Officer on the adequacy of controls on all financial and operating systems of the Office.



  • Submit to the Executive Director a summary of the audit work schedule;
  • Review specific operations at the request of the Executive Director or Management, as required;
  • Write a report after the conclusion of each audit and submit a summary thereof to the Executive Director;
  • Report work progress to the Executive Director;
  • Maintain good working relation, with clients and keep them informed about findings of the audits on a timely basis;
  • Follow-up on reported findings at appropriate intervals. Internal Audit Subdivision maintains a follow-up database for this purpose;
  • Conduct follow-ups on audit findings and recommendations;
  • Carry out any other business as assigned by the Supervisor, which is within the context of the objectives of the Office of the Auditor-General.



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1 Engelberg Street, Auasblick

Private Bag 13339, Windhoek

Tel: 264 (61) 270 7111

Fax: 264 (61) 271 770





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